Mural of Joan of Arc - Rouen, France

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Pilgrim Warriors is an invitation to veterans, law enforcement, first-responders, and their families to find healing from service-related trauma or moral injury while on pilgrimage with history’s greatest warrior and defender of the faith—Joan of Arc.

At 17 years old, Joan of Arc became the youngest supreme military commander in history. Her military successes are unequaled to this day, to include saving France from English annexation and hastening the end of the Hundred Years War. Mark Twain called her “the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced,” yet less than two years after her stunning victories, she was captured, tried, and condemned to death by her own countrymen.

How did this young, uneducated peasant girl rise to such honor and fame? Where did she find the courage and strength for her heroic achievements? And what can we learn from her perseverance through adversity and betrayal? Discover the real Joan of Arc behind the legends by following in her footsteps on pilgrimage in France.

A Pilgrimage Unlike Any Other

For over two decades, Chris and Catherine Snidow ( have been leading pilgrims of all backgrounds on a spiritual journey through France to discover the different faces of Joan of Arc: Maid, Warrior, Prophet, and Martyr. Now in the summer of 2023, they are planning a special pilgrimage just for patriots who, like Joan of Arc, have served their country in uniform as protectors, defenders, or first responders.

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“Across the night of history's blackest pages, one name is scrolled as by a shaft of sun:
Joan of Arc, the glory of the ages, who battled hate, and lost
And losing, won.”
Albert Bigelow Paine


Amy Dawn
Amy retired from the U.S. Navy in 2020 with 24 years of service. She made 3 combat tours to the Middle East and now operates a business with her husband in CA. St. Joan of Arc is her hero and spiritual mentor.